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Changing Lanes!

Has God ever told you to do something and you just ignored it ... for like a year? Well if you have ever done that then you know that he will just continue to throw it in your face and push you harder and harder until you reach the point when you will ACTUALLY listen! I'm at that point! 

A little backstory, we started Plum Fancy in 2012 and opened our first brick & mortar location in 2013. It was my dream come true. I have always been career driven and while my family was growing quickly I continued to work 50+ hours a week and loved every minute. My husband, Josh, has always been incredibly supportive and with the help of family our kids were loved beyond measure and never even noticed mama wasn't home as much as most! But then the tug came ... God tugging at my heart and calling me to STAY HOME! I fought it y'all ... hard. 

So fast forward to 2019, I'm sitting in a bed surrounded by sleeping babies and crying because I want to keep pursuing this dream but my career driven mind is filled with all of the things I've missed and all of the times these boys did without their mama. I felt selfish. Things were going OKAY at the store but in my heart I heard God loud as day saying "SHUT IT DOWN". Did y'all know he hollared like that? He does ... just an FYI. 

Okay but stubborn old me ... I'm still fighting it. Ive worked so hard & why would I just throw it away? My customers would be devestated. What would I do with my time? Where would we find additional income? But yet still ....


So back in another life to make extra money Josh & I would go 'Huntin'. Not for animals .. for cool stuff! We would decorate our home in the wierdest finds and I would remake trash into cool works of shabby chic art. God reminded me of this at the most perfect moment and reminded me that we don't have to turn around we just have to change lanes! So that is what we will do! We will hunt ... and you will reap the reward with vintage goodies, upcycled treasures, hand-crafted and reproduction vintage goods & works of art! It's gonna be fun y'all ... and I can do it all while toting my babies around the world with me! 

Was this God's plan all along? Was our Brick & Mortar store just God's way of intruducing us all?

I like to think so! 

So y'all it is officially time to SHUT IT DOWN ... but just the storefront! & I am EXCITED about where our next journey will take us!


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