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The WHY of Plum Fancy

What is our WHY?

A few summers ago we attended a conference for “Women in Business” in my birth place of Fort Worth, Tx! The most standout thing from the entire weekend was one simple question posed to us … What is our WHY and do your customers know it! We certainly know what our thought process was behind opening up our doors but do people get it? Do people understand what Plum Fancy is all about? We were able to sum it up pretty simply … we call it the four Fs:
Family, Fancy, Fun & Faith!

We all had jobs before we started this. We were all fabulous and busy and miserable. Don’t get me wrong, we had amazing bosses and awesome coworkers but we desperately needed a way to spend more time with our families! Working gave us purpose but being Moms’ and Grandmas’ gives us meaning and the fact that we can now incorporate the two brings us JOY! It is not unusual for you to see certain adorable 3yr olds racing around the store on tricycles during the week or the cutest 8yr old shop girl scanning your items on Saturdays. The handmade signs drawn by children that say “Shop Local” make our heart swell. That is why we do this. We want to surround ourselves with family and friends. And even if your a stranger, we hope that you will feel like family when you leave our store! Let us hold your babies, let us cry with you when you lose a loved one, let us wrap your gifts to celebrate all of the highs and lows … that is what we LOVE to do!

My mother, Margaret, was a Pinterest Mom before there was Pinterest. She is the craftiest, fanciest mama you could ever imagine! I aspire to be half as put together as she always seemed to be! As children, she would let us put together elaborate candle-lit dinners on the back porch of our not-so-fancy split level home. Fancy was just her way and now it’s ours! We don’t associate fancy with money either, fancy is just putting a little extra thought and time into normal everyday things. Like streamers from the chandelier over a Valentine’s Day Dinner of Heart shaped Hot dogs or gift wrapping a $1.50 pack of cookies just so you can have something to unwrap. She taught us early on that life is what you make it … and we like to make it fancy!

Our motto is, A little bit fancy & a whole lotta fun! What good is this life if we can’t enjoy it! Our dream is that you will think of this little slice of the boutique world as a place that isn’t stuffy or stale but FUN! We base our success not by the dollars in the register, but the smiles on faces!

Faith has been a big part of our journey. From Monogramming in moms basement to signing our lease we all repeated one simple phrase, “Faith as small as a mustard seed”. In the beginning it was Faith that our tiny embroidery machine wouldn’t eat yet ANOTHER baby onesie. But now, its faith that by pursuing this tiny dream we can have a greater impact that we ever thought possible and that our bills will somehow be paid in the meantime. From the day we set out on this adventure we all felt strongly that THIS was the direction God wanted us to take but we would be lying if we said we weren’t scared. God has truly moved mountains for us … mountains of clothes so we could employee another mom, mountains of monogramming so we can send our kids to pre-school, mountains of jewelry so we can afford to donate to local charities, churches and families! He has also moved mountains of fear and doubt, and has used us to show that normal people can be faithful, fancy, and fun!

We hope that knowing our WHY helps you to know us a little bit more! We are so proud to call this sweet community home and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

With Love,